Referral Scheme

About Swift R&D

Use our expertise and Partner with Swift R&D to:

  • Reduce your workload
  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Add value to your client claim
  • Ensure HMRC approval

Yes, we may have different skills sets but we share one very important thing in common: we both have your clients’ best interests at heart – to claim the R&D tax credits they’re entitled to.

Why partner with Swift R&D?

Our consultants and accountants have a wide variety of backgrounds in R&D fields, allowing us to fully understand the tech being produced by our clients – we understand technology; we also have a great understanding and vast experience with R&D tax claims. With this group expertise, we can maximise the return on all R&D tax claims.

By partnering with us, we can reduce the workload of your team and produce high-quality reports that meet the requirements HMRC needs to award the client the best possible return.

How does partnering with
Swift R&D Work?

It’s simple really, for the first claim a client puts through Swift R&D, which is connected to your partner account, we’ll give you 10% of our fee.

You can refer as many customers to us as you like – no need to ration things. If you think there might be R&D happening in a company, or aren’t sure, we’ll be happy to speak to them for free.

Becoming one of our partners is easy

Step 1Sign up to get a unique “promo code”

Step 2Send the promo code to your clients

Step 3The client types the promo code in at sign up, linking you to the client

Step 4The client goes through our high-quality, Swift service

Step 5Swift R&D submit the amended CT600s

Step 6The customer gets their R&D tax benefit, Swift delivers a great service and you get 10% of our fee!

Share the benefit

This 10% can be given however you like (just let us know what you want):

  • Given to you – to say thanks
  • Given to the customer – making their claim cheaper

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Just contact us by email, phone, online-form, online chat, carrier pigeons or even just pop in for a cuppa. Sign an online contract (to outline everything clearly in black and white), get your unique promo code, and give it to your clients.

Take the next step!