What does it cost?


At Swift R&D, we work on a ‘no-win no-fee’ basis. Giving you the confidence that we have your best interests at heart. If you’re not successful, we’re not successful!

Your Swift R&D fee is 3.5%* of what you’ve spent on R&D, or as the official term goes, your ‘eligible qualifying R&D expenditure.’ Here’s how it works;

Example claim...

Total R&D spend £100,000

Total Claim value £33,000

Our fee @ 3.5% £3,500

You receive £29,500

Swift R&D

Swift gives you an online, step-by-step, hand-held process for you to create an R&D tax claim.

3.5%* of eligible expenditure

Service Given
Accessible 24/7 through our online portal supported by consultants

Claim Generation
Written by yourself through the Swift R&D step by step advice

Get Started
TBAT Consultancy

The skilled consultants at TBAT offer R&D tax expertise to undertake the whole claim for you.

4.9%* of eligible expenditure

Service Given
Face to face interviews with friendly, experienced consultants

Claim Generation
Consultant written to minimise your time costs

Visit TBAT.co.uk

*With Swift R&D you can claim under the SME and RDEC scheme at the same time. The price we charge is different for both schemes as the amount you get back changes – it’s only fair. For a claim using the SME scheme, we charge 3.5% of eligible R&D expenditure and for a claim using the RDEC, we charge 1.4% of eligible R&D expenditure.  Most claims focus on the SME scheme, that’s why we shout about our great 3.5% fee.

In the R&D tax relief industry people talk about Tax Saved Equivalent (TSE). This is the amount of Corporation Tax reduction given for the eligible R&D spend, leaving the company with a reduced (non-zero) Corporation Tax bill. For easy comparison, our rates can be given as 14.2% of TSE or as 3.5% (SME) and 1.4% (RDEC) of eligible R&D expenditure. This means that the for each £1 you save (as a profit-making company) our fee is fixed for both schemes at 14.2%**. If all this confuses you, we understand, just contact us.

**Please Note: The minimum fixed fee for any claim made via Swift R&D is £1000 + VAT.

Within Swift R&D, we’ve put a few checks in place to make sure you can claim. If HMRC have any questions we’ll also throw in the bonus of answering their questions on your behalf, quickly and for nothing!

As an accountancy service provider Swift R&D complies with the UK anti money laundering regulations and performs customer due diligence on all customers.

Did we mention we also submit your amended Corporation Tax Returns and CT600 for you at no extra cost too?

So, what’ve you got to lose? Whether it’s a reduction in tax or cash in the bank, without the risk, it’s got to be a no-brainer.

Interest piqued? Ears pricked? GREAT! Contact us, or go flat-out and register to start unlocking the revenue from your hard work.