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We have a wealth of knowledge at Swift R&D. Our team is made up of tax advisers and technical specialists, with over 80 years of combined experience in securing R&D Tax Relief.

Our FAQ’s is where we’ll answer some of the common and not so common questions surrounding the mind-boggling world of R&D Tax Credits.

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Most Frequently asked questions

What qualifies as R&D activities?

Director, Sam Stephens, explains the types of activities and stages of development within a project that make your business eligible to claim R&D Tax Credits.

What qualifies as R&D expenditure?

Understand which project costs are recognised by HMRC as ‘qualifying R&D expenditure’ as Sam delves into examples of what can be claimed under both R&D Tax Credits schemes.

What is the difference between SME & RDEC schemes?

Discover the eligibility criteria for both the SME and RDEC scheme and which will be most beneficial depending on your business.

How far back can I claim?

Determine how many tax years you can claim retrospectively, and Sam advises when the ideal time to make your claim is.

What goes into the technical narrative?

Find out what information is required for us to write a robust and comprehensive technical narrative on your behalf, to defend your R&D Tax Credits claim.

Who can and can’t claim R&D Tax Credits?

Learn about the types of businesses that can and cannot claim R&D Tax Credits and further eligibility criteria.

Can I claim for sub-contract work I’ve been involved in?

Determine what you need to consider within the R&D work you have been sub-contracted to complete, which parts of that you can claim for and under which scheme.

How can IP costs be used in my claim?

Discover which costs associated with understanding your freedom to operate and patenting can be claimed via the R&D Tax Credits schemes.

How long will my claim take?

Learn about Swift’s and TBAT’s tried and tested R&D Tax Credits claim process, which simplifies your company’s involvement and has minimal disruption to your everyday operations; and the average time taken for HMRC to approve a claim.

How do I submit my claim to HMRC?

Understand which documents are required to submit your R&D Tax Credits claim to HMRC and how TBAT and Swift can work alongside your accountant to submit your claim, on your behalf.

How will I receive my R&D Tax Credits payment?

Learn about the different types of payment you could receive from HMRC, including cash-back payments and Corporation Tax relief and how you can decide how you will receive it.

What is the likely amount I will get back from HMRC?

Understand how the amount you claim is associated with your R&D expenditure and how Swift’s and TBAT’s technologists can assist you in identifying all your eligible spend to maximise your R&D Tax Credits claim.

Does Grant Funding affect my R&D Tax Credits claim?

Learn more about the affect Grant Funding has on your R&D Tax Credits claim, as Sam explains what you can claim within that grant funded work, and under which scheme.

How does R&D Tax Credits affect my company accounts?

Find out how claiming R&D Tax Credits affects your trading accounts and balance sheet compared to your company accounts for tax purposes.

What do I do if I get a dispute from HMRC?

Learn how HMRC reviews your claim following submission, and how Swift and TBAT will support your business if HMRC raise a dispute with your R&D Tax Credits claim.

What’s the difference between using my accountant, to an R&D specialist?

Discover why using an R&D specialist such as Swift and TBAT, is essential to building a robust R&D Tax Credits claim and how we make the process of claiming as easy as possible!

Your question not featured on our list? Don’t worry, give us a call on 01332 497 029 and we’ll gladly give you the answer you’re looking for!