Swift R&D is powered by TBAT Innovation Ltd.


Swift R&D is TBAT’s self-service, interactive online R&D Tax Credits portal, to allow you the ease and flexibility of processing your own claim, hassle-free, with the guiding hand of our consultants.

TBAT Innovation offer a 360 degree approach to funding innovative R&D, offering services for the full life-cycle of any project, including Grant Funding, Private Investment, Grant Claims Management and R&D Tax Credits. With 17 years’ experience, proven track record and a 100% success rate we’ve helped many small and large companies claim R&D tax reliefs. We know the R&D tax system inside out and want to offer you our skills, online and at your convenience – so we created Swift R&D.

The Swift process has been designed specifically to make R&D Tax Credit claims as simple for you as possible! By following the 5-easy steps, you will finish the process with comprehensive financial and technical reports – approved by an experienced Swift R&D Consultant, which are ready to be submitted to HMRC along with the Corporation Tax calculations and CT600 form, completed by our in-house accountants free of charge.

How does Swift R&D work?

  • In just 5 'swift' steps your R&D Tax Credits claim will be complete and submitted to HMRC.
  • Step 1 Easy Sign Up

    Fill in a simple form and we will automatically verify your details and your business’ eligibility to claim R&D Tax Credits.

  • Step 2 Fill us in!

    Provide technical information on your R&D projects, details of your R&D spend, a brief overview of employees that have worked on the projects and your accountant’s information.

  • Step 3 Review your claim

    Once all your details are submitted to us, a Swift R&D Consultant will thoroughly review your claim; double and triple checking all aspects, providing any feedback and recommendations needed to maximise your benefit!

  • Step 4 Submit to HMRC

    Our in-house accountants will liaise directly with your company accountant, amend your company tax return, submit all documents to HMRC and answer any questions they may have, on your behalf.

  • Step 5 Receive your benefit from HMRC

    Typically, HMRC take around 6-8 weeks to approve a claim, after that, you will receive your benefit from them; whether that be a Corporation Tax reduction or tax rebate.

Our performance speaks for itself; in the last 17 years we have been writing R&D Tax Credit claims, we have had 100% of claims approved and have a <0.1% HMRC dispute record (which were negotiated, maximised and quickly completed successfully). In the last 12 months alone, we have helped our clients do 111 claims, saving them over £6.1 million (as of March 2019) in R&D Tax Credit benefits!