Swift R&D is the new way to do R&D tax!

20th June 2019


The experts at TBAT Innovation have thought long and hard to make the process of claiming R&D tax a more efficient experience for their customers. After doing 100s of claims for a vast range of companies they know the process inside and out. They saw an opportunity that could benefit the customers they serve.


From the melting pot of innovation, from a company built to support innovation, Swift R&D was born. The aim of Swift R&D was simple: make claiming R&D tax easier, quicker and more effective. We have created a smooth online R&D tax system that bridges the gap between the experienced experts at TBAT Innovation and the innovators in the UK.

Current progress

At the moment Swift R&D is just checking they are ready for their grand unveiling to the public. We are excited and almost ready to go.

Thank you for your patience, we all really appreciate it as we do our finishing touches.

Photo of Chris Stuttle

Chris Stuttle